Welcome to the Great Lakes Antique Snowmobile Series Website! We feature vintage lemans style enduro snowmobile races in Northern Michigan.

Updates for 2018: we will be conforming to ISR Vinatage Oval Rules found here: Vintage Oval Rules

2018 Ice Enduro Schedule:
March 10th - Raber Bay Ice Oval Enduro/Sprints

January 31st - Soo I-500 Brad Redman cup 30 lap

    Classes: Stock Fan Single, Super Stock 340 Fan, Super Stock 440 Fan
    Qualifying: Sunday, Jan 28th 12:00pm (parking opens at 9:00am)
    Practice: Wed, Jan 31st 4:00-5:00pm
    Race: Wed, Jan 31st 8:00pm

2018 NON GLASS RACES - Snow Enduro:
January 20th - Newberry Bogie Buster -

2018 Class list:

Kitty cat/120's-
1. Jr. A single stock (10-13)- ISR
2. Jr. B single stock (14-17)- ISR
3. Womens single stock- ISR
4. Womens 340 Fan super stock- ISR/ Glass single mod Combo
-----This will be a combined class and scored together
5. 45+ 340 Fan super stock- ISR
6. 45+ 440 Fan super stock- ISR
7. Relic HD single stock- Sleds will follow ISR stock rules but must be 75 and older piston port singles
8. 340 F/A super stock- ISR
9. 440 F/A super stock- ISR
10. Single Mod Sprint- Glass Single mod Rules
11. 340 Fan super stock- ISR
12. 340 Open Leaf- ISR (super stock, mod stock, sport mod and super mod, etc.
13. 440 Open Leaf- Same as above
-----*if we have enough Mod Stock sleds show up we will split them into there own class.
14. 440 Open IFS- (super mod Leafers, 440 Champ, F500, etc.
-----*must have previous race experience to enter driver will need to be vouched for by race director- (Paul) or provide some form of race history. 15. F500- ISR
16. 18 and up stock single. ISR.
17. 440 Fan super stock sprint- ISR

Enduro Classes:
1. 340 Fan super stock- ISR
-----75-100 Laps
2. 440 Fan super stock- ISR
-----75-100 laps
3. Open Pro Enduro 600!!- 50Lap mini enduro- new class for this year. ISR Rules for the Soo with out the year restriction on chassis age. *same as 440 open IFS, MUST HAVE PREVIOUS RACE EXPERIENCE EITHER AT THE SOO OR SIMILAR LEVEL RACING OR BE APPROVED BY PAUL. This is important this class will be exciting to watch at the end of the day but is very dangerous! sorry no begginners will be allowed

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